Innovations in Patient Care

Ensuring our patients have the best opportunities for success is at the core of everything we do. That's why we not only stay at the forefront of emerging technologies and clinical techniques; we're also driving them forward. 

Here are a few of our latest innovations:

Network-Connected Device for Prosthetics (in Prototype)

​Hanger and AT&T have created a trailblazing proof of concept for a network-connected device designed to collect data on prosthetic usage and provide insights into patients' mobility beyond the clinical setting.

The device syncs directly to the cloud via AT&T's networkwithout relying on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or a separate mobile deviceto send relevant, automated, detailed data to clinicians so they can provide patients with more targeted care. 

This device is still in the prototype stage, and development is expected to continue based on results of a small trial with existing below-the-knee prosthetic patients.


Tracking Clinical Outcomes with METM by Hanger Clinic

ME is a data-driven program designed to help patients track and monitor the progress of their individualized care in a way that empowers them to meet, or even exceed, their highest personal goals.

Learn more about ME.

See What's Possible with MiGO Virtual Reality

MiGOTM by Hanger Clinic is a first-of-its kind virtual reality experience that provides hope and inspiration to the limb loss and limb difference community. Learn more about MiGO and its upcoming launch.