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Orthopedic Shoes and Inserts

Together with your physician, your orthotist/pedorthist will design an orthotic program to best meet your needs. This may include any of the following: extra-depth or custom shoes, custom insoles, healing shoes, shoe modifications, and/or a variety of ankle-foot orthoses. Each procedure will be outlined and explained thoroughly to you.

Hanger offers a wide range of orthopedic shoes

Accommodative Foot Orthosis helps treat those with vascular diseases and diabetic patients who has lost sensitivity in their feet.  The proper foot wear can help to prevent sores and blisters that may lead to a more serious condition.

Functional foot orthosis treats biomechanical issues such as plantar fasciitis, hyper-pronation, types of tendonitis and other conditions of the foot that cause pain or overuse of certain planes of the foot or muscles and tendons. Functional foot orthosis is used both as a preventative treatment and post injury treatment.

The healing shoe and surgical cast shoe/boot supports the foot and surrounding muscles, joints and tendons to help stabilize fractures, ulcers and for postoperative management.

Extra deep orthotic shoes are specially created to accommodate an orthosis, AFO or brace without compromising comfort and foot health like a traditional shoe. These shoes are made extra deep and with additional room in the toe box to prevent pressure and pain. Extra deep shoes come in many styles and can be custom made or ordered off the shelf.

SureFit and Answer2 Shoes

In recent years, orthopedic footwear has become more comfortable -- and more fashionable!

SureFit and Answer2 shoes for men, women and children come in a wide variety of fashion and athletic styles. Our footwear also comes in a wide range of options such as extra depth, custom diabetic inserts and special shoe accommodations/inserts such as heel lifts, medial wedges and special fills for toe loss.

Please remember, each person's orthopedic, footwear and shoe insert needs are unique. Some shoe styles may not suit your specific needs. Please contact your local Hanger patient care center to make an appointment for a free evaluation and to check for footwear availability.

Click the links below to see the new SureFit Adventure Series and some of our classic Answer2 Shoes styles.

SureFit Shoes

Answer2 Shoes

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