WalkAide® is an advanced medical device that provides immediate and dramatic improvement in walking for certain people with foot drop. It’s recommended for cases of foot drop caused by stroke, multiple sclerosis (MS), incomplete spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury or cerebral palsy.

Fight the Effects of Foot Drop

Also known as drop foot, foot drop inhibits a patient’s ability to lift his or her foot naturally. This common mobility impairment can have a real effect on a patient’s energy, balance and ability to carry out normal activities. It’s caused by an interruption of the natural nerve-to-nerve muscle communication between the brain and leg.

WalkAide restores this lost communication by sending electrical signals to the peroneal nerve, which controls movement in the ankle and foot. These gentle electrical impulses activate the muscles to automatically raise the foot at the appropriate time during each step. The result is a smoother, more natural and safer walking motion. Learn how WalkAide works.

For many people who try WalkAide, the effects are dramatic:

  • Immediate and substantial improvement in walking ability
  • Faster walking for longer distances with less fatigue
  • Increased mobility, functionality and overall independence

And, with our WalkAccess program, you can try WalkAide today at little financial cost.

Using WalkAide

Although highly advanced, the WalkAide System is surprisingly small and easy to use. It consists of a battery-operated, single-channel electrical stimulator, two electrodes and electrode leads.

WalkAide is worn directly on your leg — meaning no surgery is involved. With the WalkAide's patented Tilt Sensor technology, most users do not require additional external wiring or remote heel sensors.

A specially-fitted cuff holds the system comfortably in place, and it can be worn discreetly under most clothing and in most situations. Wear it at home, at work, or while traveling — every environment you typically encounter in your daily life.

WalkAide is Customized to You

Our specially trained Hanger practitioners fit and customize WalkAide to you. Using an advanced computer program called WalkAnalyst, the practitioner will tailor WalkAide to your individual walking pattern for the most natural, effective results. 

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  Walkaide® patient Connie Fowble demonstrates how the Walkaide® changed her daily life.  


Tina Mann, who was told she would never walk again after a snowboarding accident at age 16, is walking -- with a WalkAide.

"This is my miracle in a box," Mann said. "This gave me my life. And I'm just excited to see how far I can truly go. ...My possibilities are truly endless."

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