The Hanger Advantage

Lower_Extremity_Class.jpgIf you are pursuing a career in the field of orthotics or prosthetics, we want to be your first choice of employer.  We understand that it's not just a job - it is a mission of helping people face unique challenges and live active lives. Engaging in this kind of intensive work every day requires a highly supportive environment. 

​Our Scale Allows for Maximum Resources

As a member of the Hanger team of professionals you will have access to impressive resources:

  • Continuing education and training are part of every career at Hanger.  In a field where technology often leads the way, we are committed to keeping our clinicians on the cutting edge through on-going advanced training. Another key support feature is access to the best clinical experts in the field including orthotic specialists and upper and lower extremity prosthetic specialists.  When faced with uniquely challenging cases, our orthotists and prosthetists know that a team of clinical experts is always available for advice and hands-on assistance.
  • People working in non-clinical roles with Hanger will also find expert support for the many other aspects of our business.  This includes assistance from professional teams working in compliance, business development, marketing, information technology, real estate, finance, human resources, and administrative support.
  • A commitment to technology is evident in every Hanger office. It starts with an information technology system that's integrated into every patient care clinic.  Hanger also pro-actively partners with suppliers in the design and development of new and proprietary componentry, clinical processes, tools and products. By bringing these advances to our patients, we can help them make dramatic improvements in their mobility and independence.​