Q. How can I learn about orthotics and prosthetics?

A. If you are considering pursuing a career in orthotics and prosthetics (including Fitters & Technicians), visit the following links to learn about educational requirements and work opportunities.

The American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists has created a website specifically to increase awareness of and recruitment for careers in O & P. 

Visit: www.opcareers.org

The National Commission on Orthotic & Prosthetic Education (NCOPE) - NCOPE is committed to promoting education in the field of orthotics and prosthetics and raising educational standards. You may also access a list of accredited schools at this site.

Visit: www.ncope.org 


Q. How can I find out about Hanger’s O&P residency program?

A. Hanger conducts interviews for potential residents at schools that have prosthetic and orthotic practitioner programs. Our residency program offers paid residencies to those individuals who are preparing for their ABC certification. Frequently, these residencies lead to permanent jobs with Hanger. 

Contact Curt Bertram at cbertram@hanger.com or visit our residency website.


Q. Does Hanger offer any types of internships and/or co-ops?

A. Unfortunately at this time, we do not offer internships or co-ops except to those individuals completing their formal O&P education.     


Q. Does Hanger offer shadowing opportunities?

A. Yes, as schedules permit.  If you are interested, please find the clinic in your geographic area and contact them directly to arrange a mutually agreeable time.  Click here to find the Patient Care Clinic closest to where you want to shadow. 


Q. What benefits does Hanger offer?

A. For a complete overview of employee benefits, click here


Q. How can I find open positions at Hanger?

A. Please click here to search jobs


Q. How do I apply for a job at Hanger?

A. Please follow the instructions from the "Job Listings" page. Note: resume attachments need to be in MS Word or PDF attachments to be readable.


Q. Do I have to apply for each job I am interested in?

A. Yes. In order to be considered for multiple positions, you must apply or submit your resume for each unique job posting.


Q. What happens to my resume/application after it is received by Hanger?

A.  Provided you meet the necessary requirements for the position, your resume or application will be forwarded to the designated hiring manager.  The hiring manager will then determine who he or she will contact for a phone or in-person interview.  Unfortunately, we are not able to personally reply to every individual who applies for a position. 


Q. How can I contact the hiring manager?

A. While we appreciate a candidate's desire to make personal contact with a hiring manager, we are unable to provide this to candidates. If the hiring manager wants to interview you, either by phone or in person, he or she will contact you.


Q. Will I hear back from Hanger after I apply?

A. Yes. Candidates who successfully apply on line by filling out an application and building a profile will receive a confirmation email almost immediately.      


Q. How can I find out the status of my application?

A. If you completed the online profile, you may view the status of your application at any time by logging back into the system.


Q. How long does the hiring process take at Hanger?

A. The hiring process generally takes four to eight weeks. Once the position has been filled it will be removed from our active jobs listed on our website.


Q. Can I be alerted to future open positions at Hanger?

A. Definitely! We encourage all candidates to create a search agent for their desired location or position of interest. Simply do a keyword, location or category search and the Job Search Agent option will appear on your screen.


Q. Can I move to another geographic location after I am hired?

A. Yes, Hanger has a protocol for opportunities to relocate to a different city or state.
You may request a transfer to any Hanger facility where a position becomes available. We cannot guarantee the availability of specific jobs in specific locations, but with over more than 800 patient care clinics nationwide, there are plenty of opportunities for you to consider, make a move and remain employed with Hanger. 


Q. What reasonable accommodations does Hanger offer to applicants with disabilities?

A. Should you need accommodation in completing the application process or something else, please contact Tom McAlexander at the following email:  TmcAlexander@hanger.com


Q. Are there any opportunities to volunteer at Hanger?

A. While we would love to have passionate volunteers help serve our patients, unfortunately Hanger, as a public company, is not permitted to have unpaid volunteers.  However, if you are an amputee who would like to get more involved in peer-to-peer mentorship and support, please visit our AMPOWER website to learn more about opportunities through this program: HangerClinic.com/AMPOWER


Q. How can I become more involved with the amputee community?

A. Learn more about giving back by visiting our Doing Good section of our website:  Hanger.com/doing